Ballroom dancing is a great way of keeping fit and active. It helps improve muscle strength, core stability, co-ordination, agility, flexibility, balance and spatial awareness. It’s also great for helping with short term memory and can help lower the risks of memory related diseases.

It’s a great social activity and you get to meet lots of new and interesting people from all different backgrounds. It can help children with their social development skills as ballroom dancing requires you to work in a team with another person. It demands that the partners respect each other and help each other on their journeys.

Private Lessons
Private lessons can be attended without a partner.

Adult Classes
Ideally yes, as we do not change partners during the sessions. If you attend solo, Kerry or a helper will dance with you from time to time but we can not guarantee you a partner for the entire class. You may be left to practice on your own whilst we help others, or you may be asked to partner another solo attender. If you can persuade a friend/partner to come with you there will be more opportunity to practice what you are learning. Partnerships do not have to be male / female. There are lots of all ladies / all gents, same sex partnerships on the dance floor.

Children’s Classes
Children do not require partners to attend.

Ballroom Burn
Partners are not required for Ballroom Burn classes.

Private lessons can be taken with or without a partner and are recommended for dancers of all levels who are serious about improving their dancing, or if you would like to aim towards taking medals and competing. Group classes are a great way to start and are adequate for the social dancer.

No need for special clothing to begin with, just wear something that you can move freely in.

Not at first, but you will need shoes with some “give” that don’t stick to the floor. Shoes that fit securely are best. Flip-flops, backless sandals and trainers are not a good idea. Lace ups for men and a court shoe type, preferably with a strap, would be best for women. Once you know you enjoy dancing and want to continue we can advise where to go and what to buy.

Classes can be booked on a pay as you go basis online.

Half termly payment discounts can be offered once you have attended a class in person. We will talk you through the options.

Half-termly payment should be made by the first day of each half term.

Payment is final. Refunds, discounts and transfers are not offered for missed sessions or lessons unattended.

A refund for the session will be given in the unlikely event that a class is cancelled by Kerry On Dancing.

Private lessons must be paid for in advance, either by bank transfer or in person. Until payment is received the lesson is not a confirmed booking. All private lessons are subject to a 72hr cancellation policy. Anyone wishing to cancel after this time will be charged.

When booking private lessons, please note you are booking a teacher not the space. Other pupils may be having one-to-one lessons with another teacher at the same time.

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Copies of the following certificates and policies are available upon request:

Public Liability Insurance
Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Policy
First Aid Certificate
DBS Check
Health and Safety Policy
ISTD Teaching Qualifications and Membership Details
Music Licence

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